1. Placement
• Under last step/run flashing in direct contact with the wall and roof substrate, as shown.
• Lift last shingle to check if kickout is under step/run flashing

2. Sufficient Height and Angle
• At least 4” in height—angle to roof should be 90 degrees.
• The angle from wall should direct water away from the wall at a 45 degree angle or more.

Charlotte EIFS and Stucco Kickouts

Proper Kickout Flashing—shown during installation, this Raintek kickout is clearly installed with all of the critical elements in place.

3. Clear Path For Water Exit
• Clear path for water drainage from the step/run flashing
• No caulking or blockage along bottom or front edge

4. Proper Construction
• Raintek Kickout (top photo) strongly recommended– Demand Products 1.800.325.7540
• Copper with soldered seams accepted.

Kickouts for Charlotte stucco homes

Proper Kickout Flashing—proper angle and height, clear drainage path, sealed on back edge and confirmed under last step flashing.

5. Seal All Non-Drainage Areas
• Seal back edge with Dow 795
• Seal all boxing/soffit elements below the kickout

6. Check Gutters
• End of gutter should not penetrate EIFS.
• Check for proper flow away from kickout area. Check for gutter obstructions or proper flow.