We have inspected thousands of stucco homes in the greater Lake Norman Charlotte area as well as throughout the Southeast and have found numerous problems due to improper installation practices. Most problems are easily corrected but some are severe and can be very costly to correct. The problems can result in moisture intrusion and termite infestation that contribute to rotted windows, doors and in some cases structural damage. Moisture intrusion can also result in mold growth in walls that may contribute to health issues.

Barrier EIFS is comprised of a base coat and finish coat applied over an EPS board that is attached directly to the sheathing using fasteners or an adhesive. The system provides no avenue for water to drain out once it penetrates behind the EPS board. Traditional stucco, on the other hand, is applied over a wire mesh, and installed with standoffs that allow space behind the stucco for “weeping” of water. No EPS or Styrofoam board is used in a traditional stucco exterior.

A stucco repair follow-up inspection should be conducted within three months after completion of any Charlotte stucco repairs to assess the effectiveness of the moisture modifications if the first inspection uncovered areas of high moisture. This is extremely important and required if you are pursuing a MoistureFree Warranty. You need to insure the remediations are working properly and lowering previously high moisture observations.

Annual Charlotte stucco inspections should also be scheduled to ensure that your stucco system remains dry. This way any sealant failures, stucco cracks, etc. can be caught and repaired promptly. Testing and maintaining your home on a regular basis is the best way to prevent costly repairs associated with moisture damage. Also, should you decide to sell your home, annual stucco inspections and maintenance documentation will be a valuable selling tool, providing evidence to show that your home has been inspected and maintained on a regular basis by a reputable and qualified firm.

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