1. More energy efficient than many other types of claddings. Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) add to the “R-value” of a home or building. (R-value is a measurement of the resistance to heat flow; the higher the R-value, the better the material’s insulating value.) Most EIFS use insulation board with an R-value of R-4 to R-5.6 per inch as the innermost layer in the wall system. When combined with standard wall cavity insulation, this extra layer can boost wall insulation from R-11 to R-16 or more!
  2. EIFS homes enjoy the benefit of architecturally pleasing details (and greater design flexibility) for less money. Skilled applicators can create all sorts of exterior architectural detailing that would often be cost-prohibitive using conventional construction — cornices, arches, columns are a few examples.
  3. When building a new EIFS home, due to the energy efficiency, it may be possible to specify lowercapacity heating and air conditioning equipment without sacrificing anything in terms of interior comfort.
  4. Easy to economically test and evaluate the entire synthetic stucco system for moisture. With a quality inspection, the guesswork is eliminated. Homes with other claddings may be hiding serious moisture problems which are doing significant structural damage to the home with no one having knowledge of it. With synthetic stucco, you know where your house stands regarding moisture.
  5. If the home does encounter a moisture intrusion problem, repairs are likely to be much lower than they are for other types of home cladding systems.
  6. Couple Charlotte stucco home ownership with MoistureFree Warranty protection and you enjoy all the benefits of owning and living in a stucco home with none of the worries!
  1. The MoistureFree Stucco Warranty
  2. A Regular Yearly Maintenance Evaluation or Stucco Inspection

A MoistureFree Warranty provides protection for new Charlotte Carolina stucco homeowners against any moisture problems related to their stucco cladding, but the protection doesn’t stop there. The seller and the real estate professional involved in the sale can rest assured that the transaction won’t come back to haunt them later due to problems with the stucco system. Some agents have been named in lawsuits by stucco homeowners because of their participation in the sale of a stucco home that had problems after the sale. Reduce your risk with a MoistureFree EIFS Hardcoat Stucco Warranty