We have inspected thousands of stucco homes in the greater Charlotte area as well as throughout the Southeast and have found numerous problems due to improper installation practices. Most problems are easily corrected but some are severe and can be very costly to correct. The problems can result in moisture intrusion and termite infestation that contribute to rotted windows, doors and in some cases structural damage. Moisture intrusion can also result in mold growth in walls that may contribute to health issues.
Unlike other inspection companies, your Charlotte Stucco Inspector or EIFS Inspector can perform all inspections providing an analysis of how one area of the home may be causing a problem in another area. If repairs are necessary, our report will contain a scope of work which includes stucco industry acceptable repair guidelines to ensure that the repairs are done properly. We will also provide the names of certified stucco repair contractors that we trust who can follow our instructions.
Before calling a repair contractor, contact us so we can provide an objective evaluation and scope of work that the contractor can estimate to. This ensures you of an evaluation that protects your interests.