Author: Brad

Charlotte Stucco Home Realtors, Buyers, and Sellers Beware

About Charlotte restoration, engineering, and stucco repair company’s that do inspections. Some stucco restoration company’s also do their own stucco inspections. Their primary source of income is from the restoration work and their stucco inspection services is used to find new work. There is nothing wrong with stucco restoration work, however when a company is looking for work, the inspections they provide some times reflect a greater need for their restoration services than what is really there. I have seen small problems magnified to big problems, improper use of inspection equipment to misrepresent a problem or just plain inexperience.

We provide a independent 3rd party inspection service without pushing for repairs. We report the facts as found and have no reason to magnify a problem. If problems are found we will gladly consult with the remediation company you choose, regarding findings in our reports.

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Windows Leak

About 70% of all leaks in the cladding are caused by windows.  These types of leaks happen on all homes, regardless of the type of cladding.  Most of the leaks occur within the construction of the window itself.  However, many...

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