About Brad Coates

Brad Coates

MoistureFree Warranty Certified Stucco Inspector, Certification #1589

I was co-founder of Stucco Pro Moisturescan in 1996. Stucco Pro developed the Stucco Pro MoistureScan Grid testing protocol and reporting inspection system. At Stucco Pro I helped developed many unique stucco inspection and remediation programs that relied on the impact of emerging industry strategies. Many of these inspection protocols have been adopted nationwide as the standard for stucco property inspections. I traveled extensively nationwide training inspectors on the stucco inspection protocols and reporting systems.

In late 1999, Stucco Pro MoistureScan migrated into Moisture Warranty Corporation which provides the MoistureFree Warranty for stucco homes nationwide. This transition was orchestrated with the Dryvit Class Action Settlement. Moisture Warranty was selected as the Administrator for the Dryvit Class Action Law Suit with complete control over all stucco inspections and stucco repairs.
I was one of three professionals that created the MoistureFree Inspector and Contractor Training System. This training program protocols were adopted nationwide as the industry standard in Stucco Inspection and Repair Techniques. I took on the role of the National Inspection Oversight and ERC (Estimated Repair Costs) Administrator. Over the next 5 years I personally provided stucco inspection and stucco repair oversight for over 10,000 Dryvit stucco homes.

I am currently employed at Moisture Warranty Corporation and provide CRA (certified repair analysis) services, warranty sales, Inspection Training, and all IT service applications.

My professional career outside of Moisture Warranty includes independent stucco inspections and Expert Witness services. I also am involved with my own media service (MMM). Currently I am developing an online inspection reporting system which I hope will improve on the current reporting systems available to Inspection Professionals. There will be an APP FOR THAT!

  • Stucco Inspections 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 40% 40%
  • App Development 10% 10%
  • Warranty Sales 90% 90%
  • Inspection Training 50% 50%
  • Realtor Presentations 60% 60%
  • Expert Witness 15% 15%

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