No invasive testing of the exterior cladding system of the home will be conducted by BC Inspections, unless such testing is specifically authorized below. If at the discretion of the inspector, the Stucco Portion of the exterior wall surface must be penetrated to further investigate moisture problems.

  1. OWNER must grant permission for such invasive investigation.
  2. OWNER hereby authorizes BC Inspections, to perform invasive testing of the of the EIFS and/or HARDCOAT stucco portion of the wall system(s) in order to more accurately determine the presence of existing moisture and/or damage to the cladding or in the wall system beneath the cladding as a result of water infiltration through or around the stucco cladding.
  3. BC INSPECTIONS, will not conduct such testing on the entire house because of the potential damage or discoloration associated with such testing. Owner will not hold BC Inspections liable for the appearance, damage, or function of repaired areas invasively or destructively tested.
  4. To probe for a moisture reading, the inspector will first drive two steel pins through the EIFS into the wall. The inspector will note whether the substrate or framing seems firm or soft, keeping in mind that different substrates may be used on the home. The pins are withdrawn, and then replaced with the Teflon-coated probes of the Delmhorst meter. The readings are recorded and we note the “feel” of the framing or substrate wood. The small inspection holes are sealed with an appropriate sealant, preferably matching the color of the EIFS as closely as possible.


  • BCI Stucco Inspection Customer Agreement

BCI Stucco Inspection Customer Agreement

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